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About Plush India

Plush India is an Indian arts and crafts company based in Preston in the United Kingdom. The company specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling bespoke plush models based on Hindu deities. In addition to soft models, Plush India will also provide a collection of Indian arts, crafts, books, DVDs and bespoke handmade home furnishings.



New Year’s Resolutions.

Most will want to give up something, others will want to try something new, overcome fears, get a promotion at work…… however, very few of us will really track our resolutions throughout the year, unless we have constant reminders of what we had set out to achieve…..

You need something that you can look at everyday, to….

  • give you the strength to remove the obstacles that are preventing you from succeeding,
  • inspire you to put that ‘extra bit of effort’ in,
  • give you the strength to push aside the barriers to fulfilling your objectives and resolutions,
  • give you the perseverance to keep going, no matter what comes in your way,
  • give you the courage to start-up that business you’ve always dreamed of,
  • help you find the money for that life-changing training course you’ve always wanted to do,
  • give you the drive to write/publish that book/film…

You need…

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Great article!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes it’s exactly when the body is least proud, when it expects nothing, hopes for nothing, that it can become a vessel for a meditative state. I almost didn’t go to yoga class tonight because my bones were aching and my lungs were tight. But I made myself walk up the stairs to the studio. I needed to get quiet and slow. I’m no expert. When it comes to meditation I have to do it by feel. I gave up long ago trying to empty my mind. It’s never worked for me. Instead, with my eyes closed, I try to close my mind’s eyes too. It’s like walking in a familiar house with a blindfold on. Everything is still there–the furniture, the dirty dishes, the pictures on the wall–but I move around them carefully, slowly, with my hands stretched out. That’s what meditating means to me. I move among my…

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